Lisciani I’m A Genius The Super Laboratory Of 101 Experiments



A great laboratory for taking your first steps in the world of science and the scientific method.

Each experiment is characterized by a sticker that can be stuck on the board.

The board is full when the child has created their Science Map, which can be hung on the wall. In addition, a very detailed manual explains how to perform all the experiments easily and while having fun.

Product Includes

  • 64-page illustrated manual,
  • plastic volcano,
  • regents,
  • food colouring,
  • organic seeds,
  • vase,
  • peat,
  • protective glasses,
  • latex gloves,
  • connector,
  • bottles, 
  • trays,
  • spinning top,
  • mirrors,
  • straws,
  • 2 balloons,
  • syringe

                Suitable for Children aged 8+