LOL Surprise OMG Sweet Nails Candylicious

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Type: Dolls


Cool nail play set with OMG fashion doll Candylicious and over 20 surprises. In the counter, there are fingernails in the form of popsicle sticks, which change color in the water. Freakshakes are nail polishes that can be applied to artificial or real nails and can be easily removed again.

Want more glitter? There is glitter in the sugar bowl to decorate your nails and there is a glitter lotion hidden in the cream that creates a beautiful shimmer on the skin.

  • Shape your nails with the ice cream cookie, because its actually a nail file!
  • The doll is wearing a stylish outfit and her long hair is great for styling her.
  • Unbelievably many surprises to discover and the perfect playset for a girls night out.

      Suitable for children aged: 4+