LOL Surprise! Violet costume

by Ciao
Type: Costumes


Smart Ciao Srl. costume consisting of a glitter blouse, skirt and a pair of pink heart-shaped sunglasses. The Blouse has a print, so it looks like it has a necklace on, and the sleeves are transparent in pink tulle with glitter in it. The belly of the blouse is in a shiny print with multicolour glitter. The Skirt is in pink and purple tulle and glitter with ruffles.

Ciao Srl. the skirt consists of three layers, the outer one is pink tulle, the second layer is shiny purple satin -like, and the inner one is a petticoat, which gives the skirt a little more stiffness.

There is a wide elastic edge at the front, so they can stay put. The Blouse closes with a velcro closure in a teardrop cut at the back.

With this costume you can dress up as your very own LOL Surprise doll.