Marvel Spider-Man Titan Hero Series Deluxe Venom Action Figure

by Hasbro


Prepare for a thrilling encounter with the Marvel Spider-Man Titan Hero Series Venom!

Venom, the malevolent alien symbiote, stands as one of Spider-Man's most formidable adversaries. Now, you can delve into the Marvel Universe and embark on web-slinging action and adventure alongside Spider-Man himself. Discover a world filled with mighty superheroes and powerful villains, where epic stories of good versus evil unfold.

This 12-inch-scale Venom action figure is inspired by the heroes and villains of the Spider-Man Marvel Universe. Designed for children aged 4 and up, it offers an immersive experience of big web-swinging action and endless possibilities for imaginative play.

Product Features

  • Featuring a classic-inspired design and intricate detailing, this Venom toy captures the essence of the character. Fans can envision intense wall-crawling action and web-slinging battles as they bring their Spider-Man stories to life.
  • Poseable and highly articulated, this 12-inch-scale action figure from the Marvel Spider-Man Titan Hero Series allows boys and girls to position Venom in various dynamic stances. They can recreate thrilling web-slinging adventures and unleash their imagination alongside their favorite hero.

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Suitable for children aged: 3+