Matchbox Action Drivers Playset

Type: Aerospace


The Matchbox Action Drivers Playsets feature realistic locations kids love and recognize with cool details that enhance the play experience. The Matchbox Action Drivers Bus Station comes with a 1:64 scale Matchbox bus, and when it pulls into the station, it activates a figure at the bus stop to move. At the Matchbox Action Drivers Pizza Hut, driving up to the store activates the doors to open and the worker to move forward holding a pizza. With the Matchbox Action Drivers FedEx Playset, kids drive the 1:64 scale FedEx truck to activate playset features and ensure packages are delivered with care. These connect to other Matchbox and Hot Wheels sets for extended fun. Each set sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • The Matchbox Action Drivers Playsets represent kid-favorite locations to explore and create awesome Matchbox adventures.
  • Drive the Matchbox bus into the station to pick up and drop off passengers and 'recharge' it at the EV station.
  • Add a realistic pizza-delivery car topper to the included Matchbox Volkswagen Golf and drive up to the Pizza Hut to pick up the pizzas for delivery. A coworker will come to the door with the pizza as the car pulls in.
  • There's a car-activated employee who greets the FedEx truck on the loading dock to prepare packages for shipment.
  • Kids drive the adventure with their Matchbox vehicles and playsets. Each set encourages kids to explore independently and hone their problem-solving skills through toy car play.
  • Each set comes with 1 Matchbox vehicle and can connect to other Matchbox and Hot Wheels sets so kids can create endless worlds of storytelling possibilities.

      Suitable for Children aged 3+

      Please note - this item is available in different designs; you will get a randomly selected produt from the range at our toyshop, pre-selection is not possible unless you visit our toyshop.