Mattel action figure Justice League 15 cm

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by Mattel


Mattel action figure Justice League 15 cm. From the unsurpassed, extraordinary and unbeatable Justice League, come the titanic 15cm figures, ready to convey all the unbeatable courage of your favorite superheroes!

Try to relive the emotions and scenes of your favourite movie or prove your courage by creating your own battles, we are sure they will be legendary! 

Each figure has a characteristic weapon to defend the city and exterminate the existing evil, they are unusual! Which one will seem more impressive to you? As you already knew, the Justice League is made up of a colossal team of your favorite superheroes, so we have several characters for you! Which one do you decide for?

  • Batman is a different superhero, very intelligent and intimidating, his enemies fear their physical attacks! 
  • Superman, he is fast and powerful, there will be nothing he can resist! 
  • Aquaman uses his telepathy with marine life to carry out his frivolous combat strategies. 
  • Wonder Woman shows the courage of female warriors, she brings a beast formation behind her! She's invincible! 

We think we can agree that it's a tough decision, so we encourage you to collect them all and feel all the excitement of Justice League.

 You will not regret! Defeat evil by clicking to buy! 

Approximate measurements: 15cm high.

      Suitable for children aged: 3+

      Please note - this item is available in different designs; you will get a randomly selected product from the range at our toyshop, pre-selection is not possible unless you visit our toyshop.