Mattel BOOMco. Mad Slammer

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Type: Kids Games


With our BOOMCo. Products, real blaster-fun is guaranteed.

Thanks to the smart stick technology, the darts and bullets made from a special material stick to the BOOMco targets and blaster shields.

You can always see where you’ve hit.

The Mad Slammer, thanks to the BOOMco clip system, ensures ultimate and legendary quick-fire blaster action.

20 darts fit into the clip, and thanks to the mega launch action, fly at high speed up to 18 metres. On the blaster, you will find a special attachment for adding other accessories for even more battle fun.

With the 2 included smart stick targets with a clingy back, blaster action can continue indefinitely in your own battle zone

  • Ultimate quick-fire action with a clip system and a quick-fire function thanks to the darts.
  • The arrows fly up to 18 metres away.
  • Additional blaster action BOOMco. can be added using the built-in attachment system.- Attach accessories.

Product Includes

  • A clip and 20 smart stick darts that fit into it.
  • 2 targets with adhesive back for your own battle zone.

    Suitable for Children aged 6+