Mattel Monster High Fright-Mares doll, asst

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by Mattel


Monster High is monster huge with so many secret doors, passageways and portals, you never know what you might find within its halls or its walls!

Deep within the catacombs of the iconic school live new beast friends for the Monster High ghouls.

Half centaur-half unique monster, these monster mash-ups are real Fright-Mares!

Meet characters like

  • Pyxis Prepstockings, half Pegasus and half centaur;
  • Frets Quartzmane, part gargoyle, part centaur;
  • Bay Tidechaser, a combination of sea horse and centaur;
  • Aery Evenfall, a mix of nightmare and centaur;
  • Penepole Steamtail, one of butterfly and centaur;
  • Skyra Bouncegait, ghost and centaur;
  • Fawntine Fallowheart, deer and centaur; and
  • Flara Blaze, Phoenix and centaur.

Each figure showcases its centaur half on the bottom with four legs and articulation that allows animated action and scary cool posing.

  • These unique creatures have their own freaky flaws and flawesome fashions. From preppy polo player to monsterrific rocker, from chill surfer to fiery drama queen, from nature lover to scary smart inventor, the Fright-Mares are creature clawesome!
  • Unique hairstyles, body colours and designs, tails and wings highlight their scaritages while accessories like belts, leg warmers and hairpieces accentuate their personal styles.

Ghouls will love galloping into new worlds with these new Monster High characters!

Collect them all to expand your Monster High world.

Includes 15cm Fright-Mares figure wearing accessories. Each sold separately.

    Suitable for Children aged 6 +