Minidiva Magic Make Up Doll Head and Cosmetic Bag

by RS Toys


The Minidiva Magic Make Up is a toy make-up set ideal for young aspiring make-up artists. 

This set contains a doll head that can be made up and styled, as well as a variety of mini make-ups that can be used on both the doll and the girl herself.

Product Features:

  • Doll Head: The doll head is the perfect canvas for experimenting with various makeup styles and techniques. This allows children to practice and develop their make-up skills in a safe and non-critical environment.
  • Mini Makeups: The set includes a variety of mini tricks, including eye shadow and lipstick. These makeups are made with non-toxic ingredients and are easily washable, making them safe for use on both doll and children's skin.

Suitable for Children aged 5+