NICI cuddly toy Koala Miss Crayon (45cm)



The GLUBSCHIS are the epitome of cuddly toys with big, buggy eyes, which enjoy great popularity among children.

However, the original GLUBSCHIS from NICI are not only sugary sweet and heart-warming, but at the same time also made of high-quality plush and tested according to high safety standards

  • The world never can be colourful enough for GLUBSCHIS Koala Miss Crayon, that's why her ears and feet are so colourful!
  • As a 45 cm GLUBSCHIS cuddly toy, the cute koala lady will be fascinating koala fans all ages.
  • GLUBSCHIS Koala Miss Crayon comes in grey and white. Her cute koala ears and feet are decorated with glitter material in rainbow colours and perfectly harmonize with the green rimmed glitter eyes.
  • Made of a high-quality NICI plush and with the NICI star on the foot,
  • Dimensions: 45cm 

      Suitable for Children aged 3+