NICI Cuddly toy Penguin 20cm



Get the cuddly penguin with black and white plush fur to play and cuddle at home.

His big grey beak and the same-coloured feet are cute eye-catchers. With them, the penguin waddles happily through the area.

The GLUBSCHIS are the epitome of cuddly toys with big, buggy eyes, which enjoy great popularity among children.

  • Found your own cuddly zoo with the NICI Zoo Friends!
  • Lion, panda, rhino, and their mates got bored at the zoo and decided to move in with you.
  • Give them a home and they give you their hearts and lots of love.
  • Dimensions: 20cm x 15cm x 14cm (HxWxD)

      Suitable for Children aged 3+