NICI Unicorn Milky-Fee 25cm



A pink shimmering horn, a cute pink tummy and the fabulously fluffy fur of a unicorn: this is milky-Phi's plush toy from the GLUBSCHIS collection.

The unicorn girl is a great friend, and she's looking forward to inviting you into her magical unicorn world.

Toy size – 25 cm

  • Glubschis is the most popular and recognizable worldwide line of soft toys from the NICI brand. It features a variety of characters with original or classic designs, which are replenished with new heroes every season. But the main feature of all toys of the Glubschis line invariably remains large sparkling eyes.
  • Each character of the line is presented in 3 sizes: a key fob of 9 cm, a toy of 15 cm and 25 cm
  • On the foot of each toy there is a label with the name and motto of this character. Now collecting Glubschis characters has become even more fun.
  • Pack and share with your friends!

Suitable for Children aged 3+