Ninco Air Quadrone Orbit

by Ninco


Nano drone (13x13cm size) with hold altitude technology! Flying had never been so easy

Product Specifications

  • Transmitter and receiver with 2,4Ghz technology
  • 3,7V & 150mAh Battery
  • USB Charger

Auto Return Technology

Also Known as Auto Return, Go Home, Homecoming. Help button once with the Drone in flight, in case of losing control of the Drone, quickly tighten and the machine starts to fly back until the pilot touch either sticks, then automatically deactivates this mode and drone again be controlled from the station normally. In no case will land alone or return to the launch automatically.

Frequency Technology

Control Radio stations are widespread in the issuance of the 2.4 GHz frequency, using multiple frequencies under a stipulated order. This frequency works totally different from the old ones using a crystal with a fixed frequency, these latest issue in a wider band called DSS (Dynamic distribution spectrum) The particularity of DSS is not transmitted on a single frequency, but uses multiple frequencies

                      Suitable for Children aged :8+