Ninco Air Shadow HD Drone

by Ninco


The Quadrone Shadow HD combines the best design with the best performance of a professional drone. In addition, it includes HD camera for those who want to make amazing photos and videos with a resolution 1280x720 and 30fps HD.

With its size of 56x56 cm the Shadow HD is a Quadrone for advanced pilots who are looking for greater stability and longer range thanks to its improved 2,4GHZ technology and large rotors.

  • The precision of the 6-axis electronic stabiliser is only comparable to that of a professional drone. Forget about starting your flight on a flat surface. Once it’s synchronised, you will be able to throw it like a frisbee and push the throttle to start flying.
  • The electronics of the Quadrone Shadow HD allow the best 3D stunts. You can do acrobatic figures: loops, flips and rolls in the four directions of flight.
  • To the 4 channels of the Quadrone Shadow HD, we must add the HEADLESS mode, which makes it easier for everyone to fly. Besides, the Quadrone Shadow HD includes the "automatic return mode". With this button, your Quadrone will undo your previous movements and flight back to where you started your flight.
  • The radio control transmitter is 2.4GHz digital technology that enables interference-free flight. Fly up to 80 drones simultaneously in the same space with no interference. The range (distance between transmitter and drone) is up to 80m.

Product Features


  • High-performance professional drone
  • High-Definition photos and video
  • 2.4Ghz radio equipment
  • Automatic return and Headless mode
  • Includes charger and spare propellers