Na Na Na Surprise Teens Slumber Party Soft Fabric Fashion Doll Playset Lara Vonn 11"

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Na! Na! Na! Surprise Teens Slumber Party are beautiful, 11" soft fashion dolls with so much personality and glamorous style.

  • Lara Vonn is inspired by a Teddy Bear.
  • She has long, brunette hair and printed face and clothing details.
  • She has a cute pj outfit . She also has a fuzzy sleeping bag and cute animal-inspired pillow and eye mask.
  • Animal-inspired brush included.

Reveal a beautiful fashion doll with unique printed details. Dress her in her fashionable outfit and accessories. She’s articulated at her neck, shoulders and hips, so you can move and pose her.

Each doll comes with an adorable, animal-shaped pillow, eye-mask and brush for the purrfect sleepover.

Collect both beautiful, soft Teens Slumber Party fashion dolls. These carefully crafted dolls each have their own unique style and personality, and they come with a tag that reveals their birthday and more about their personality. They make perfect gifts!

        Suitable for children aged:4+

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