Paw Patrol Chase's vehicle 2in1 transformers

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Transform, shoot and save with Chase and his 2-in-1 vehicle.

It is a combination of a police car and a motorcycle that brings the adventures of the Paw Patrol movie to life. 

  • Featuring authentic details, finish, missile launchers, flashing lights, and plays realistic sounds! When trouble begins in Adventure City, put Chase behind the wheel and go to the rescue! After reaching the destination, press the yellow button to turn on the lights and sounds. 
  • Protect Chase from falling debris by activating protection mode. Press the blue button to increase the armour - the front will widen,
  • Chase will be behind cover and the missile launcher will be extended. Load the disks (three included) and press the button to launch and knock over any obstacles. Need to squeeze through a small gap? Start the motorcycle! 
  • Just press the red button to get into the inner compartment of the vehicle, then press again to start the bike! To revert to the previous setting, place the motorcycle back into the vehicle and slide the wheels together to hide the cover and launcher. 
  • Use your imagination to create your own missions!


  • Suitable for Children aged 3 +

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