Pictionary Air

Type: Drawing Game


Introducing Pictionary Air card games for adults or play in kids game mode. This new Pictionary game is an hysterical way to play the classic Pictionary family drawing game.

  • Download the Pictionary Air app to your smart phone or tablet to get started.
  • Draw in the air, see it on screen in this exciting twist on the quick draw classic playset.
  • Point the in-app camera at the illustrator and they'll appear, along with their sketch, on the screen of your smart device.
  • For even bigger laughs, cast your drawings to your TV using Apple TV, Chromecast or a similar streaming device. Compatible streaming device required. Please check the Pictionary Air support page (www.pictionary.com/support) for device compatibility.

GAMEPLAY: Take a clue card, the pen and get ready to draw. Your team will attempt to guess the clue as you draw it in the air. The app (available for iOS and Android devices) tracks what you're drawing, so keep the pen's lighted tip pointed at the smart device camera. Your score is tracked in the app for fun and easy gameplay.

INTERACT WITH YOUR DRAWING: Interact with your drawing charades style to help your teammates guess the clue. For example, if you're drawing a balloon hold the balloon. If you're drawing a hat, position it so it appears on your head.

NEED MORE TIME DRAWING? The App allows you to adjust the round timer and number of rounds to give beginners or younger players more time to draw. Selfie Mode allows you to draw without any time limit for practice or solo fun.

SAVE THE MEMORIES: Whether you're sketching, guessing or watching, the results are hilarious. Record your performance in the app and play it back to relive the fun or to share it with friends.

This popular family game brings loads of fun to any game night or party. Perfect kids game for 8 years old and upwards. Colours and decorations may vary.


  • 1x Pictionary Air pen,
  • 112x double-sided Pictionary cards,
  • Card box and instructions.
  • 1x AA Alkaline Battery is included.

For 2 players or teams

Suitable for children 8+