Playmobil Advent Calendar Novelmore - Dario's Workshop

Type: Playmobil


A Knightly Christmas: Discover Novelmore with Dario and exclusive inventions from his secret workshop. With other well-known Novelmore heroes.

Dimensions: 14 x 6 x 11.8 in (LxWxH).

24 days to wait until Christmas Eve? That can be quite a long time - but not with the exciting PLAYMOBIL advent calendars.
  • The Novelmore advent calendar 'Dario's Workshop' invites you into Dario's fantastic world of inventors. Again and again, the clever inventor Dario DaVanci thinks up new tools, flying machines or weapons.
  • He has just completed an ingenious training machine that will help the knights of Novelmore train for battle.
  • Meanwhile, Gwynn tests the new paraglider and jumps from the castle wall. From the air, she spots Burnham Raiders Kahboom and Tyragon trying to break a hole in the castle wall. And there's a dangerous dragon flying in too!
Luckily, Arwynn is alert and will defend the castle with the help of Dario's clever inventions.

Product Includes:

  • An advent calendar with 24 surprises,
  • Novelmore characters Dario,
  • Gwynn and Arwynn,
  • as well as Burnham Raiders Kahboom and
  • Tyragon,
  • a dragon,
  • a tower element with crossbow,
  • a training machine,
  • a paraglider,
  • various tools,
  • books,
  • a telescope and many more cool extras.
Suitable for Children aged 4+