Playmobil Mini Excavator with Building Section

Type: Playmobil


Mini excavator with chain drive. The excavator can remove material from the ground and be used to lay down pipes.

The mini excavator is used for fast and flexible work. First the construction worker uses the mini excavator to dig the stones out of the excavation pit. Once everything is cleared, the sewer pipes are laid in the foundation.
As soon as all the pipes are in the right position, the base plates follow. Every step of the work is closely monitored by the architect.
With the help of the angle measuring device, she measures all walls so that the house will later stand straight and safe. This house will be a masterpiece.

Product Includes

  • 2 figures,
  • a mini excavator with chain drive,
  • an angle measuring device with tripod,
  • a house corner with two wall elements,
  • floor plate,
  • flat roof and
  • wooden floorboards,
  • as well as many other construction worker extras 

      Suitable for Children aged 5+