Puzz 3D New York, New York - 3,141 pieces



New York, as we remember it, untouched and innocent. Now you can always remember the skyline of New York as it once was, complete with the twin towers and all.

New York's skyline may be changed for good, but it will remain the same in our hearts and minds.

This challenging 3d puzzle is by far the most awesome 3d puzzle ever created. Any fan of puzzles will love the challenge of this one!

It has over 3,000 pieces!! This puzzle makes an excellent collector's gift. New York may be changed, but we can still look back and remember.

  • Pieces: 3141
  • Size: Height = 21.25 inches Width = 35 inches Depth = 26 inches
  • Difficulty Level: Super Challenging
  • The Fully Dimensional Puzzle!

            Suitable for Children aged 4+