Quercetti Lumix Multifunction Game

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Box is damaged not ideal for a gift

Lumix Board 2 in 1 case with handle is a multi active board .

  • One side of the suitcase is a unique board on which you can draw pictures with a special marker.
  • The other side is a magical display that highlights the pictures drawn by the child. The effect of the illuminated drawings can be seen in the dark.

The kit requires the use of a battery (not included in the set 3*AA/LR6/1.5V )

The automatic stopwatch will turn off the screen after about 15 minutes of inactivity.
All components can be stored in a practical lockable suitcase.

Product Features

  • The toy develops creativity and exercises hand-eye coordination.
  • The Italian company Quercetti is an expert in creating educational toys for children.
  • When producing toys, Quercetti puts special emphasis on supporting the development of children and arousing their curiosity about the surrounding world.

Product Includes:

  • 6 colored crayons
  • 6 drawing
  • Templates special eraser
  • Playing child develops spatial imagination, psycho-motor coordination and motor skills.
  • The product comes from a store display may have a slightly damaged packaging

        Suitable for children aged 4+