Quercetti Tecno Toolbox with box

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Kids love using their parents' wrench tools, allen key, washers, screws and bolts

These are all elements that can be found in the new Quercetti Techno Toolbox, a game designed to familiarize with mechanics and to develop motor coordination and manipulative skills.

  • All the unbreakable plastic elements are contained inside a real toolbox, just like the one Dad has.
  • Many examples of construction illustrated in the instructions, endless creations that children can freely make.

Product Includes: 

  • 4 Tools
  • 17 Two-dimensional perforated elements
  • 12 Three-dimensional perforated elements
  • 80 Screws, bolts and washers
  • 4 Wheels and axles
  • 1 Steering wheel joint
  • 1 Steering wheel
  • 1 Threaded base dashboard
  • 1 Toolbox with handle
  • 1 Album of examples and instructions

 Suitable for children aged: 5+