Rainbow High Ayesha Sterling Doll



All the best art schools will have bands to compete in the world-famous musical battle Rainbow Vision.

The competition is heating up, and the ladies of Rainbow Divas have their eyes on the prize. Each set comes with a fashion doll, 2 designer costumes to mix and match and microphone and dressing table set. Collectors can join in the fun by collecting rainbow colours from pink to purple to iridescent pearl.

Celebrate the holidays, Christmas and birthdays with excitement and imagination of Rainbow High.

  • Inspire children's imaginations: The best art schools from around the world will compete in an elite music high school competition, Rainbow Vision. Competitors around the world will let their true colours shine in an epic battle. The ultimate competition to determine the winner! This year, Shadow High is determined to ensure that Rainbow High doesn't win Rainbow Vision again. The best band of Rainbow High, the Divas have their eyes on the award.
  • Beautiful Features: Ayesha Sterling has a unique design and is dressed in silver and white tones from head to toe. She has beautiful and detailed features in her fashion, beautiful curly silver hair, long and royal eyelashes and crystal eyes. Collect the rainbow of all Rainbow Vision- Rainbow Divas fashion dolls.
  • 2 styles to mix and match: Ayesha comes dressed in a beautiful ball dress with embroidered sequins + synthetic feather details, matching silver heels, hair clips and matching jewellery. It also comes with a second full outfit to mix and match fun. Shawl of synthetic feathers, upper set and skirt of sequins and platform heels with diamond charms.
  • Microphone & Dresser Set: Ayesha comes with all her diva game essentials, including silver microphone + stand, rolling vanity train case, air dryer, lipstick, makeup palette and 3 brushes, etc. The vanity train cover has a working handle (moves up and down), four rolling wheels, open and closed cabinet doors, work drawer and two removable trays. It makes it very easy to travel from tests to performances. This game will give children endless joy and imaginative entertainment of storytelling.
  • Place it on the wrist support: it is fully articulated and articulated, its arms and legs bend for so many glamorous postures or you can show it on the included wrist support.

      Suitable for Children aged 6+