Ravensburger London 1000 pieces

Type: Kids Puzzles


Immerse yourself in the world of pulsating metropolises with Ravensburger and discover breathtaking skylines part by part.
Whether Rome, San Francisco, Cape Town, London, New York or Paris, the motifs in 1000 parts will captivate you and bring the special atmosphere of these cosmopolitan cities to your home.

Ravensburger puzzles means puzzle fun in premium quality.

Due to the enormous variety of motifs in the Ravensburger puzzle program, nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable puzzle experience. The uniqueness of the characteristic puzzle pieces is achieved by handmade punching tools, which are manufactured with extreme watchmaking precision in Ravensburg, Upper Swabia. Decades of experience in puzzle production, the high quality standards of material, motif and design make the hearts of puzzlers beat faster and let you experience how one fits the other.

This is Ravensburg's passion for quality.

  • 1000 piece Puzzle
  • Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm

    Suitable for Children aged 12+