Ravensburger Worldwide Racing Fun 3X49psc

Type: Kids Puzzles


The 3x49-piece Ravensburger puzzle is a set of 3 puzzles depicting the characters of Disney Cars cartoons

Anti-Glare surface, extra thick cardboard, fine linen on structured paper. Every individual piece of the puzzle has a unique shape.

Perfect for your child- puzzles for toddlers and kids of every age help support a child's development as they play, building skills such as concentration and creativity.

Product Features

  • 3 puzzles with Disney Cars motifs
  • Each puzzle consists of 49 pieces
  • Variety of shapes thanks to a hand-made die
  • Perfectly matched puzzles to the child's age
  • Clear motifs on the puzzles thanks to the use of natural linen structure
  • Bending resistant parts

Suitable for Children aged 5+