SCX Digital System Basic Set

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Digital slot cars are equipped with a microchip which is able to receive instructions from the driver.

Driver can change lanes by pressing the button on the back of the controller, or activate the breaking system by releasing the accelerator trigger of the controller.

SCX Digital slot cars are "Smart" cars because they have a memory chip which is located inside the slot car that identifies it with the position of the controller connected to the digital control unit.

Information is not erased from the slot car's "memory" until it's reprogrammed to a different controller.

Product Features

  • Cars feature: Brakes - Removable and adjustable magnet - Guide with suspension - A.R.S. Guide - Tilting Chassis NEW!
  • Digital System GT w/ Pit Box 1:32 Scale Home Electric Race Set by TECNITOYS - SCX SLOT CARS
  • Control fuel consumption and stop to refuel. Set braking power and receive constant race information.
  • Scale: 1:32, Length: 6 m, Cars included

Product Includes

  • 1 Pit Box Control Unit
  • 1 Pit box start terminal track 360mm
  • 3 Electronic hand throttles
  • 1 standard straight with 3,4,5,6 position
  • 4 Pit box barriers
  • 1 Right side access track 360mm
  • 1 Left side access track 360mm
  • 2 Single lane pit box straights 360mm
  • 2 Single lane straights 360mm
  • 5 Standard straights 360mm
  • 3 Changeover tracks 360mm
  • 8 Standard curves
  • 1 Electronic Transformer

Suitable for Children aged 5+