Shake Off

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Type: Family Games
SKU: JAG10730

The more you Shake, the more you score!

Pop on your team’s sweatband and unit, and shake off against your opponent. The more you Shake, the more you score.  Highest score wins! The spinner decides where you and your opponent must wear the unit (wrist, ankle, Bum or waist), and how you must move (jump, run or Freestyle). when you’re ready, press the timer and start shaking!

For 2 or more players

How to play:

🕺 Spin the spinner to see where you and your opponent will wear your Shake-o-meters and how you have to shake
🕺 Clip your Shake-o-meter onto the body part the spinner points to… arm, leg, waist or bum.
🕺 Set the timer to either 15 or 30 seconds, press to start and prepare to shake!
🕺 Frantically shake to see if you can get a higher score than your opponent.

Age: 4+

Includes: 2 x Shake-o-meters, 2 x sweat bands, 1 x spinner, 1 x electronic timer and instructions

*Timer requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

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