Shimmer & Shine - Teenie Genie 8 Pack

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by Mattel


Is your little genie wishing for more Teenie Genies? Well, their wish can be granted with this Teenie Genies 8 pack! This special set comes with Dance Party™ Shimmer, Genie Splash Shine, Genie Splash Princess Samira, Friends Divine Parisa, Rainbow Sparkle Anarosa, Dreamy Genie Turia, and for a fun surprise there are 2 more genies hidden inside! With over 130 Teenie Genies to collect it's a playtime wish come true! Each sold separately and subject to availability.

Welcome to Zahramay Falls, a magical world where genies live, work and play!

These cute, collectible mini figures put Shimmer, Shine and all their friends right in the palm of your little genie's hand.

This play pack includes 8 genies—6 are visible and 2 are hidden!

There are over 130 genies to collect in fun themes like Dance Party™, Music Divine, Dreamy Genies, Genie Splash, Magical Market and more!

          Age Suitability: 3 years +

          Includes: Shimmer & Shine - Teenie Genie 8 Pack