Smart Trike 4-in-1 DLX Swing Trike

Type: Tricycles


2022 Smart Trike Children's tricycle DLX Swing 4 in 1 Tots 6501100 Smart Trike Explorer is a tricycle created according to the latest and most advanced technologies in this field.

It is a new, revolutionary DLX Swing 4-in-1 version of Smart Trike! With its help, you will undoubtedly make your child's dream come true to have a safe means to master the ability to ride a bike in the near future.

  • Smart Trike 4-in-1 DLX Swing Trike is designed for babies from 10 months and grows with the child. With the lightest touch, the DLX Swing Recliner maneuvers like a stroller.
  • The smarTrike Swing 4-in-1 tricycle on the roof grows with your child. It is equipped with rubber wheels, patented shock absorbers and anti-slip pedals. The steel frame provides extra strength, and the seat belt ensures that your child sits safely on the tricycle. Push the tricycle with the movable bar or let your child ride it alone. The wheels have a freewheel function so that the pedals do not rotate while driving. In the practical storage compartment with a bag on the back of this practical tricycle you can take all sorts of things.

It has a large front swivel wheel for narrow turns with built-in suspension; Touch the parent control handle; Press the thumb of the rotating freewheel; EVA wheels;

The fender button allows switching from Parent Touch Steering to control self-driving by the child.

Product Features

  • 3-point Y belt;
  • High back support;
  • Padded soft seat cover that can be washed;
  • Movable, extendable canopy;
  • Non-slip pedals;
  • Removable hand protector (hard protective tape);
  • Basket with lid and functional removable storage bag;
  • Bottle holder;
  • Folding footrest;
  • Complete metal construction;
  • Stylish storage bag, seat cover and canopy.


Stage 1 (10m +): Comfortable travel for children over 10 months old with padded high back seat, seat belt and footrest;

Stage 2 (18m +): The seat is converted, you can remove the seat while pushing and controlling the tricycle;

Stage 3 (24m +): Fold the footrest, place the pedals in the training position. The child learns how to use the pedals;

Stage 4 (30m +): Remove the parental control handle, press the fender button and the Swing becomes a stand-alone tricycle that children can ride on their own.

  • Size: 94 x 45 x 102. 
Suitable for Children aged: 10 months+