Smartrike Smartfold 400s blue

Type: Tricycles


The 6-in-1 Folding Tricycle is designed for babies from 9 months and grows with the child. It is designed to offer easy folding and compact storage.

SmarTrike's unique and sought-after patented touch steering remains a key feature of the folding tricycle. The navigation button on the mudguard allows you to switch from parental touch direction to child driving control.

The shock absorbers allow baby to ride comfortably.

  • Step 1: Tricycle folded compactly - opens easily.
  • Step 2: At 9 months, baby sits on an early stage footrest.
  • Step 3: At 12 months, baby moves to a folded footrest, sitting comfortably and safely on a high-back seat with a safety bar that includes soft padding.
  • Step 4: At 18 months, your baby enjoys riding while developing confidence, balance and motor skills.
  • Step 5: At 24 months, attach the pedals, switch to the navigator button to allow children to learn to pedal.
  • Step 6: At 30 months, the item becomes an independent tricycle that the children pedal themselves.
  • Step 7: From 32 months, children continue to pedal while having fun.

      Suitable for children aged: 9months+