Stamp Bike Hotwheels 12 Inch

by Stamp
Type: Bikes


Hotwheels Bicycle 12 Inflatable Tire Plastic Rim

Cycling is one of the most important and favourite activities of childhood. These children's bikes are built especially for their size. They have the perfect height for a correct position and a very good control. The handlebars and the seat are adjustable, so that a bicycle can be used for several years, even if the little one has a slightly faster growth.

Auxiliary wheels are a great benefit, a great support for the learning period. 

By cycling, the little ones develop:

  • muscles
  • balance
  • vestibule system
  • coordination

In addition, riding a bike, the little ones develop a sense of direction, learn the rules of the road, become more responsible and fully enjoy the fresh air. 


  • sturdy steel frame; 
  • adjustable seat; 
  • vertically adjustable handlebars; 
  • durable plastic rims and spokes; 
  • inflatable wheels; 
  • wheel diameter 30cm 
  • chain guards; 
  • front and rear guards; 
  • auxiliary wheels; 
  • handbrake on front and rear wheels
  • Height: 87/120 cm

        Suitable for children aged: 2 to 4years