Step 2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse Climber

by Step 2
Type: Play House


Lend a playful and cheerful mood to a backyard with the product.

This colourful product surely brings a smile on every child’s face and provides the perfect recreational time.

  • The product is made from plastic that ensures long-lasting performance and reliability. The resin construction is splinter-free that retains its look and quality for a long time.
  • The multicoloured product blends with most surroundings and enhances its look. It features large easy to climb steps, durable slide for quick exits that keep your child busy.
  • The shingled-styled roof for a shade that lends a traditional touch to the treehouse and adds a decorative element in the backyard.
  • The working periscope raises, lowers, and rotates that adds a fun-quotient to the play routine.
  • It is non-toxic which makes it safe to use in most homes.
  • The weather and water-resistant material preserve the product for a longer time. It is easy to care for and should be rinsed with the hose to keep clean. The tree house is a part of the product.
  • The durable and maintenance-free construction offering excellent playful activities makes it the perfect addition to any home.

This product is part of our Online Exclusive range which isn't available at our toyshop. You can still order it for delivery or collection.