John Adams Super Graph



Drawing is now made even more simple with the all new Supergraph. Having a much easier set-up, just look through the special optical viewer at the object you wish to draw.

See your pen magically appear, guiding you as you trace your image.

  • No batteries required.
  • Create stunning life-like artwork.
  • Perfect for drawing landscapes or portrait.
  • You’ll never miss an artistic opportunity again.

The perfect tool for budding artists,

Product Features

SuperGraph allows you to draw anything, anywhere, with its unique, drawing system.

  • The amazing patented optical viewer allows you to copy any picture inserted in the picture easel, and create stunning, life-like artwork.
  • Once the picture easel is removed, you're free to reproduce landscapes, buildings, still life or even portraits of your friends and family.
  • SuperGraph is lightweight and portable and doesn't require a power supply, so it can go where you do! 

Suitable for children aged 8+