Tosy Disco Robo MP3 Player with Speaker

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DiscoRobo will amaze you with its beat sensitive dance moves.

As a combination of hi-tech and entertainment, DiscoRobo can feel the beats of life, from your music to your beat-box, your hand claps and even your footsteps.

The stronger the beats, the better it grooves. DiscoRobo also comes with a smartphone/ tablet app (compatible with iOS, Android and Windows) that allows users to customise the robot dance moves and do many interesting features.

  • This Special Set includes a premium DiscoStage a portable dance floor MP3 player with built-in high quality stereo speakers.
  • You can upload your songs to DiscoStage's internal memory via USB port or plug into your own music device and dance long with DiscoRobo.

Product Features

  • 56 dance moves and 8 light up facial expressions
  • Highly interactive ( smartphone/ tablet app available)
  • Built-in stereo speakers and internal memory
  • Connect ability to music devices
  • Bonus songs included

Suitable for Children aged: 6+