Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Wrist Communicator

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by Mattel


Become Buzz Lightyear and join his exciting missions with this realistic wrist communicator. Slip it on and press the green release button to reveal the secret Gamma Sector 4 control panel. You'll find a gauge and blaster projectiles inside. Communicate with base camp, and then run into action. Load the blaster, take aim, fire and save the toys from Emperor Zurg and the Zurgbots! The Buzz Lightyear Wrist Communicator comes in Space Ranger white, green and purple. Suit up with more Buzz Lightyear role-play items like the Disc Blaster and the Space Ranger Helmet Armor with Jet Pack. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

Decades of Delight!

Disney Pixar Toy Story movies bring joy to kids of all ages. Woody, Buzz Lightyear and their colorfully fun friends share epic adventures that celebrate imagination, courage, childhood and humor. When the toys come alive, we are all kids swept up in their exciting escapades!

Call the Commands Like a Space Ranger!

Buzz Lightyear needs to reach Star Command at a moment’s notice, and this communicator is an essential part of his equipment! As seen in all the movies, it puts the mission fun in kids’ hands. Call base, give orders, plot epic rescues and blast off to fun in infinity and beyond!

A Toybox of Fun!

Our wide variety of Toy Story talking figures, authentic location playsets, vehicles, multi-scale characters and storytelling packs will fill your favorite fans’ toybox so they can recreate the beloved, enchanting movie magic over and over.


  • Buzz Lightyear wrist communicator lets kids gear up like the Space Ranger!
  • The role-play toy includes a blaster and 3 projectiles.
  • Inside panel has a Gamma Sector 4 sticker gauge and projectiles’ storage.
  • For more costume fun, choose the Rapid Disc Blaster and Space Ranger Armor with JetPack (each sold separately, subject to availability).

    Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.35 x 25.4 x 20 cm

    Age: 3+ years

    Includes: 1x Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Wrist Communicator