Mattel Max Steel Turbo Battlers

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by Mattel
Type: Vehicles


Max and Steel go into another fight for goodness. Now you can help the hero or go to the dark side of the force. 

Invite your friends and organize a competition! Check who will win this time! The characters are placed on bases, in hoops, and are set in motion by pulling a rope, spinning like tops. 

  • Colliding with an opponent several times results in a loss, which is signaled by the hero falling out of the hoop. 
  • The sets feature two side electronic blades that light up when the figure and base spin, giving the impression of a ring of turbo power. 
  • Parts in sets can be interchanged with others and added or detached.

      Suitable for Children aged 3+

      Please note:  This item is available in different designs/Models.  A random item will be delivered according to the available stock.