Vtech KidiCom Advance 3.0 Pink

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The all new KidiCom Advance 3.0 is a sleek, slim, touch screen tech device. Now includes 3D effect lock screen, video messaging, enhanced screen time controls and MagLens feature.

The all new KidiCom Advance 3.0 is a sleek, slim, touch screen tech device just like mum and dad’s smartphones!
  • Now with 3D effect lock screen and gesture unlock – fun and cool for kids. Using a wireless connection your child can exchange texts or record and send short video messages securely with family and friends through the KidiCom Chat app.
  • Take photos and videos, listen to music and watch favourite shows! Kids can also safely browse the Internet as and when you want with enhanced screen time controls.
  • Includes built-in games, face-tracking photo filters and effects to create cool selfies and augmented reality monster catching game!
  • Includes all-new MagLens feature – integrated macro lens that allows you to take pictures and videos of the magnified world! Features a large 5” touch screen, 2.0 MP rotatable camera, 8GB of (expandable) memory and rechargeable battery.
  • Connect to VTech’s Learning Lodge to download lots of apps, games, e-books, videos and music! VTech tablets, laptops & handheld devices include Time Limit controls which can be used to set the amount of time your child is allowed to play on the device or to mark certain areas of the day as off limits.
This feature can be found in the Parent Settings/Settings menu and we recommend this is used. For more information and some easy to follow tips on screen time for both parents & children please refer to - https://www.vtech.co.uk/screentime

      Suitable for Children aged 4+