Vtech Kosy the Kissing Puppy

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Say hello to Kosy! She loves nothing more than being with her best human friend and giving cute puppy kisses. Like a real puppy her eyes open and close and her head magically moves! Kosy is very inquisitive and wants to know everything about you.

Press her paw button and tell her all your favourite things and she will repeat what you say. Press her other paw button to sing together. Her beautiful charm button activates funny sounds mode, try to be a cat and she will meow with you!

Detectors sense when Kosy is upright or laid down for play or relaxing time. Boop her nose for a sweet surprise!

Product Features: 

  • Boop Kosy's nose for a sweet surprise!
  • 200+ phrases, songs, melodies and sounds
  • Press Kosy's charm button to interact with her, she will repeat what you say!
  • Get to know Kosy, she loves to spend time with you!

      Suitable for Children aged: 4+