Vtech Push Along Digger

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This push-along digger develops your child's tracking and motor skills as they learn to walk. Through cause & effect, your child will love scooping up the balls with the digger and watching as they pop out.

Sensors detect when a ball has gone through the digger’s chute, triggering fun and encouraging sounds and songs, helping your baby's sensory.

Pressing the buttons activates imaginative role play phrases that teach numbers, shapes and colours.

  • Help to develop your child’s motor skills as they take their first steps and progressively learn how to walk
  • By dropping the balls into the chute and watching them pop your little one will develop hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity while having loads of fun!
  • This push along toy teaches numbers, shapes and colours at an early stage with 1 light up button and 4 shape buttons designed to educate while having fun
  • The vibrant colours and fun sounds featured in this toddler toy are specifically designed to stimulate your baby’s auditory and visual senses and encourage discovery and exploration
  • The brightly coloured balls pop around, encouraging babies to chase them up and offering great support in their first steps

Suitable for Children aged 12month+