Whoopee Doo

Type: Kids Games
It's a hoot when you toot! Quick thinking family challenge game!

For 2 or more players

  • 70 Challenges

  • 2 Play Modes

  • How to play:


  • 🤣 Sit on the large inflatable Whoopee Doo cushion and press the start button.

  • 🤣 Take a Card and complete as many challenge cards as you can; this could mean naming things or reciting tricky tongue twisters. Then pass to the next player.

  • 🤣Frantically answer the questions on the challenge cards before time runs out and you let out a loud trump!

    🤣 Don’t be sitting on the cushion when time runs out or you’ll blow off in front of everybody!

  • Age: 4+

  • Includes:  Whoopee Doo cushion, 70 challenge cards and instructions
  • For Ages 4+
    2+ Players
    Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)