Zuru Rainbocorns Sequin Puppy Corn Surprise S5

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by Zuru


Snuggle up and hug these furry friends back to health with Rainbocorns Puppycorn Rescue.  In Rainboville, some of the puppies don't feel well and need your hugs and kisses to save themselves

Open the egg to find your patient puppy and more than 12 magical surprises.

Erase the magical heart of Puppycorns to reveal what makes your puppy feel blue and then use the healing accessories like bandages and slime syringes to care for your Puppycorn.

Read the X-rays and health report to get to know your puppy patient and heal their injuries with healing stickers.

There are 7 perfect puppies to care for, each with a new Dr Boo-Boocorn and over 12 surprises to help you with your rescue. Will you save Peaches, Beau, Lottie or Squash? Follow the collector's guide to help heal Rainboville one kiss and hug at once with Puppycorn Rescue.

  • Over 12 Surprises: Help Nurse Rainboville Puppies Back to Health with Puppycorns Rescue Each puppy patient comes complete with a Dr. Boo-Boocorn, Peel 'n' heal heart, healing adhesives, health report, X-ray, syringe slime and bandage
  • Peel and reveal the heart: Take off and reveal to help your puppy heal Use the heart of Puppycorns to find out what makes your puppy feel bad Then come to the rescue with hugs and kisses to save your puppy friend
  • Dr. Boo-Boocorns: All new Dr Boo-Boocorns are Rainbocorn health experts and are here to help you heal your puppy
  • Ultimate surprise: Combining mysterious unpacking, quirky surprises and affectionate stuffed animals, the Rainbocorns are sure to be your new best friends. The layers of magic and excitement never end.
  • There are so many Rainbocorns hatching in Rainboville... who will you meet?

Product Includes:

  • 1 Puppycorn egg,
  • 1 stuffed Puppycorn,
  • 1 Dr. Boo-Boocorn,
  • 1 Boo-Boocorn egg,
  • 1 Puppycorn sticker,
  • 1 collector's guide
  • 1 syringe slime,
  • 1 erasable heart,
  • 1 health report,
  • 1 X-ray and
  • 1 bandage

          Suitable for children aged: 3+

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